Short biography

Sélène Ledain

researcher / lab data scientist
I am an environmental engineer and data scientist and am interested in putting current computational methods to use for sustainability. During my studies and since graduating in Switzerland, I have focused on environmental monitoring and risk modelling using Earth Observation data and machine learning. In particular, I focus on satellite data and have used it in a range of projects in governmental institutions as well as in the private sector. Some examples include forest drought forecasting and predictions of climate hazards such as flooding in urban settings. My projects involve implementing Python-based pipelines to exploit large-scale remote sensing and geospatial data. Within the Earth Observation of Agroecosystems Team at Agroscope, I am developing machine learning models to predict leaf area index of satellite pixels of fields. This can provide land management information and contributes to the Monitoring of the Swiss Agro-Environmental System (“MAUS”).