Short biography

Özgür Türkoglu

Post-doctoral researcher
I am a post-doctoral researcher at Agroscope Earth Observation of Agroecosystems Team working in the intersection of AI and Earth Observation. I did my Ph.D. at ETH Zurich in the EcoVision Lab, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Group advised by Prof. Konrad Schindler and Prof. Jan Wegner. My research interests are (i) sequence modeling of (image) time series, (ii) uncertainty quantification and efficient (i.e. implicit) deep ensemble networks, (iii) fine-grained image classification (iv) visual camera localization, (v) generative algorithms for visual synthesis, and (vi) remote sensing data. I obtained BSc degrees in both physics & electrical engineering from Bogazici University. I completed a master's in electrical engineering with a specialization in computer vision at the University of Twente. During my master's thesis, I worked on sequential image generation using generative adversarial networks at the University of Amsterdam Deep Vision Lab. I did a few internships during my studies. For instance, I worked on visual camera localization at Niantic AR Lab and 3D object recognition for mobile robots at TNO Intelligent Imaging Lab.